Improv Paper Piecing

Exploring a new, modern approach to paper pieced quilt design, students will design their own block patterns and consider possible quilt layouts for their blocks. We will focus on one of the three sections from Amy’s Improvisational Paper Piecing: A Modern Approach to Quilt Designs. Students will work with shapes of their choosing and break up the space with exaggerated, skewed lines to create unexpected designs with an improvisational feel. This is a design class, not a technique class.

Designing Paper Pieced Curves

In this class, you will learn how to design a series of paper pieced blocks featuring different kinds of curves. These blocks will then be put together in a modern setting with alternate gridwork and negative space to create an 18" mini quilt or pillow cover. You can use the skills you gain for a wide range of paper pieced designs or simply continue to make more blocks until you have a larger quilt!

A basic knowledge and comfort with paper piecing is recommended for this class.

More About Amy Friend

Amy Friend is a former museum curator turned designer. She designs modern quilts and specializes in paper pieced designs. She authored the books Intentional Piecing (2016), Improv Paper Piecing: A Modern Approach to Quilt Design (2017), and has a new book, Petal + Stem (2020). She is an award winning quilter and her quilts have been exhibited at a number of quilt shows as well as museums. Amy visits quilt guilds to speak about her quilts and to teach workshops. Amy lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three children. If she isn’t sewing or spending time with the family, you might find her in the garden.